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When I started in this business it was as a courier in Los Angeles. I started driving Bobtail trucks over 30 years ago for a clothing company, so I was able to work as a courier handling larger shipments. This is what I based my business on. I worked on my own pulling freight from the Los Angeles Harbor and delivering it to San Diego. I gained a lot of experience in working with import and export of freight via customs brokers. I ended up working for a company that specialized in Los Angeles to San Diego freight. I moved to Carlsbad after I was offered a position delivering freight for the airlines at Lindberg field. I was awarded the Padres account and moved the baseball teams in and out of Jack Murphy stadium and the Marriot hotels from 1991 until the strike in 1994. After that I moved live lobster from Carlsbad to LAX. for shipment to Asia for three years. Since that time I have been working with many accounts in San Diego, Orange and L.A. Counties.


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